The Benefits Of Wearing Magnets

Healing Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic Therapy is a natural alternative medicine practice that uses static magnets to relieve pain, improve circulation and other health conditions. Static magnetic therapy is now very popular. It is natural and has no side effects, you simply touch a magnet to your skin, this is done by wearing a bracelet or other jewellery or a bandage with a magnet in it or even shoe insoles.

Magnetic Therapy is a system based upon the knowledge that our bodies form an electro-magnetic field that will respond to the healing power of magnets. We know that iron makes up around 4% of our total blood content and every atom contained in the cells of our body produces an electrical impulse. Our Bodies Have Their Own Electrical Magnetic Field.

So this means when the North side of a magnet (which is Negative) is placed on a painful part of your body it draws fresh oxygenated blood to that area – this in contrast is a Positive energy field creating a double result. Because magnets are Alkaline it will counteract any Acidity in the blood caused by disease – and secondly – the fresh blood helps to remove any acidity from the body which in turn accelerates the body’s Healing process. Alkaline content of magnets help to neutralize acidic enzymes, the iron content in your blood will draw fresh blood to the affected area which will reduce inflammation and trigger the healing process.


For years and years people have believed in the healing power of Magnets over Arthritis. Magnets are understood to improve circulation therefor reduce swelling and inflammation to affected areas. When worn over time magnetic jewellery can produce a welcome healing effect reducing the painful effects of arthritis and joint pain. Reducing inflammation will also help preserve the cartilage in your joints.


The dreaded menopause can wreak havoc and the resulting effects can last for years with some women. Countless women are turning to Magnetic Therapy as a 100% natural way to help combat and tolerate the difficult side effects of the menopause. As the magnets balance the blood ions and restore equilibrium within the body some menopause symptoms can be reduced and become easier to tolerate.

RSI & Carpal Tunnel

People who work long hours performing repetitive activities can be affected by Repetitive Strain Injury and Carpal Tunnel. The condition mostly affects parts of the upper body such as the forearm, wrist, elbow, neck, hands and shoulders. The improvement of blood circulation caused by wearing magnets close to the skin can assist in the combat of aches & pains caused by RSI & also Carpal Tunnel. Many people wear magnets on both wrists to combat this growing condition.

Improve Blood Circulation

The main benefit of wearing a magnetic bracelet starts with blood circulation. Circulation is an essential part in keeping the human body healthy and healing it from injuries. The magnets in the bracelet attract the iron in your blood and therefore more blood is drawn into the arm and wrist. While exercise and elevation is also essential to combat poor circulation wearing magnets can assist in combating the condition and making it more tolerable.